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What do you do to stop overtrading / manage trades?

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lose the battle to win the war

learn to accept losses. a loss is a loss. every day before you start the trading day, for each contract, already have what you are willing to risk known and how much money youre aiming for that day known. once it hits either point, stop right there. stick strictly to that first for some months until u master that discipline. then you can expand. because if u take a loss one day or 2, u can make up more greater profit days than your loss days. dont think that u will not have loss days so that u panic, or react when u have them. expect loss days. the greatest legendary traders have them. accept your loss days. stop trading for that day and start looking forward to your next trading day.its like throwing a interception or missing a shot. you have to immediately forget about it and just move on to the next play

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