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How to do the things you don't "feel" like doing?

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Something that has helped me stick to my strategy is to put notes directly on my charts. For years I would study my strategy before the market open then do something that went against it. So one day I discovered that I could write a note directly on the chart and make it as big and whatever color I wanted. That way it is right in front of my face all day.

For example, if I decide I do not want to risk more than 300.00 per trade on /cl today, I put that note in red letters right on the /cl chart and keep in close to the latest bar. Or if there is a number release at 7.30 I put that note right on top of the last bar so I can't miss it.

I know it sounds simplistic but it has helped me break several bad habits, hope it helps


I do something very similar. I have a rule to not trade in the middle of the day in the middle of the day’s range. If at any point in the first couple hours I’ve seen both short and long setups (indicating range day), once 11:30-12:00 EST rolls around I put a big comment across the middle of the chart saying “don’t trade here”... Healthy reminder for when I come back an hour or so later and we’re still bouncing around in there...

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