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How to do the things you don't "feel" like doing?

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I think your quote above sums it up pretty well. I'm certainly not perfect but I have found improvement when I just do the tasks irrespective of my motivation. It's not always easy and I don't think that it's supposed to be.

I found this article to be of some help - I haven't read his book but have heard some really great reviews, and his blog is excellent.

When I'm not motivated but know that there's something to be done I ask myself, do I want to be an amateur and just show up when I feel like it, or do I want to be a professional and show up every day?

This is another great article along a similar vein -

Yes! I am slightly familiar with James Clear's work (like you, I haven't read his book but I'm subscribed to his email list). I will definitely give that article a read.

Overall I do feel that I have been improving in this area greatly. When I say I'm at 80% consistency, there was also a point of 50% and even 0% lol. So there has been improvement but essentially I want things in my life to become very habitual to the degree where acting on my impulses seems very very unnatural. A big concern in my personal life is there was also a point where I nearly made the NFL, I went to camp with the Jacksonville Jaguars right out of college and I was one of the last guys cut. I was emotionally crushed by this. However the problem for me, was the mental game. I was gifted with crazy speed, but my failures were in the film room, practice, and post games. So I was "good" in my game performances but I was never Great. Because of that, this is a fear I have with trading, maybe I reach that top 10% of traders who make money (call them college players), but I really need to press on myself to do what it takes to be in that .001% to be one of the best to ever do it (relate this to NFL hall of famers).

I also have recently read Marcus Aurelius's "meditations" and he speaks a lot about mastering that "animal" nature. I often like philosophy much more than "self help" topics because its gets you thinking deeper about these things.

I thought this would be an interesting discussion because I think many of us, if not most do actually know what we need to do, but there's some aspect of self-sabotage or whatever you want to call it that lets our laziness kick in.

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