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What do you do to stop overtrading / manage trades?

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Unfortunately this is where the hard work starts. I can recommend working on the mental skills. This is about finding triggers that lead to the things you see yourself "forced" to do. Finding them is not easy I can forward you some stuff I recently have been given, please let me know your e-mail. Getting a mental coach can also have a very positive on ones trading. But in the end it is only you who can change you. I have been told the mental stuff is where about 90% of retail trades fail so I guess all of us have to address that at some point in time.

What I would do is switching to SIM and do proper self evaluation on your trades. If you have an edge and you are able to execute that edge with the confidence needed you will succeed if you are willing to put in the hard work. If you do not have an edge you may want to attend that first.

very interesting topic and good luck for your journey.


mind if you send me a PM? It says I haven't been active enough in the forum to send PMs yet... - still very new to this forum :0

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