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Ninjatrader Brokerage Data

If I were to open a Ninjatrader Brokerage account with Dorman or Phillip, what data will I have access to right out of the gate? I think the futures trades are executed through Continuum (CQG), is that also where the real-time data comes from or would that be Kinetick? What about historical data, how far back does that go and what does it include?

Would I just get real-time data or would I also receive historical data? Would I get this data for all the futures contracts I can trade with Ninjatrader Brokerage? Do I need an additional market data subscription to get "more complete" historical market data? What about level II data?

I think I can also have an additional subscription to Kinetick to receive real-time/historical data for other markets, which is a monthly charge. Hypothetically, if real-time/historical data from Ninjatrader Brokerage is available and real-time/historical data is available through Kinetick, for the same futures contracts, would I benefit from having both sets of data?

I currently trade forex pairs through, I want to do that on Ninjatrader. I want to be able to trade ES and 6E using level II market data. I want to use Ninjatrader to design trading systems and run back tests on these futures. Do I need more than a Ninjatrader Brokerage account and Ninjatrader 8 with a lifetime license to be able to do this?

I do understand that forex markets may or may not have level II data available, I'm not really worried about that. I do want to see level II data for futures contracts, either through Ninjatrader's Orderflow tool or a 3rd party order book app/plugin.

Thank you!

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