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Fibonacci Queen

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I have run some probability distributions on fibs. They give you a moderate edge.

Distributions of what? Distributions for any market for all time? Distributions for any time series regardless of the generating process?

Or you mean distributions that fit what you were looking to find while ignoring evidence that did not?

Nonsense. I don't think this is testable to prove in any real sense that fib levels are better than random levels when talking about data generated by a non-ergodic, non-stationary dynamic system like markets.

I am surprised an inventive con artist hasn't used this fact to come up with their own "better" set of fib levels.

Just have to have a nice pseudo science name that lends itself to a narrative and you could make a ton of money selling such a product to suckers.

Even better, say you found the levels from training deep neural networks for good measure. "Deep Fibonacci Levels, on sale for $49.95 this month".

How about if price is attracted to Fib levels are there price levels that are unattractive and repel price in all times, all markets, all time series, all generating data process?
Or is that too ridiculous an idea? lol

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