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NexGen indicators and review (

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How did the demo go?

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So yes I tried the demo for 1.5 weeks. I did see potential in the system. Its an enhanced version of what I currently use. I primarily trade based off fibs and support / resistance. Nexgen's system is more enhanced because it provides the exact information I need from multiple time frames on the same chart. So I was definitely impressed by it.

However 6 business days is not really sufficient to understand the system and the potential problems it can possibly have. So I decided to lease the software for 8 months for a hefty price. :-) So as of 4/13/2019 my lease started and am evaluating it further.

I have an initial impression of it which is both good and bad. I am still trying to understand the system and it will take me a few more days - perhaps an additional month. I will post a more detailed analysis here later.

But as of now I can definitely say that it costs a shit load of $$ for what it really is. If I had the time, I could have implemented something like it myself in NT. And trust me its not that difficult.

One thing I really hate about their system right out of the bat - its not easily accessible from your own custom indicators or strategies. If someone were to pay 18K for a system and they still cant own it completely, I dont see a point. :-)

Of course, in this age there is nothing in this world that cant be hacked. :-) But it requires some effort. So reading the values from the charts and doing reverse engineering just so you can use the software in your custom strategies requires some effort but things are working and am happy with that. But it took me a lot of time and effort to get them extracted.

Anyways, will post more later.

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