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Traders Love privacy ?

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My 2 cents. I could be full of shit though. Who knows?

Of course everyone is an individual. I think you need to separate aggression from negativity. I am a super happy positive person but our family holidays usually stop just short of a fist fight over even something as stupid as Lebron vs Jordan. I am far more mouthy in person. I would have felt very at home in a Chicago pit. To me, this is not a gentlemanly game like golf at Augusta. I have read fighting on the floor was a huge no no so guys would take it outside and settle things with a fist fight.

As far as posting trading results I just don't care. To me what speaks the loudest here is everyone is making huge profit$ scalping ES but there is absolutely no discussion of long term investments from that cash flow. Never read anyone mention a real estate investment they made here. That pretty much says everything you need to know really IMO.

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