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Traders Love privacy ?

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I have noticed that as a Trader becomes more experienced and grows in terms of skills, the more private He/she becomes or wants to become. They stop posting their trading results unnecessarily, some even don't talk about trading at all! hell, some even about the markets! (unnecessarily)
I think the reason for this is that trading becomes an expression of the self and hence personal, and logically, nobody goes around talking about or sharing their personal stuff. Being private ends up becoming a matter of common sense and natural. Anyone with the same experience or thoughts or disagrees?

Honestly, I am profitable in the FX world, and getting there in the futures world. However, I assume that it translate no matter what market you trade.

There will come a time where the people in the forums become more of a distraction than anything else. Its a lot like going out to the bars. Yes, it can be fun, but in the end its all the same. Forums are basically entertainment at best. I can also say that almost nobody on one is profitable, and the more they post - the less likely to be true.

And then there is the behavior of people on these things. People can get really mouthy behind a computer monitor, but in real life it is different. It shows weakness, and its aggro I don't need. This is more my experience at Forex Factory, but it only took about 5 posts to start having $hitheads giving me grief about something here also. Its just how the losers and weak roll. Those who are profitable are basically elite, and don't waste their time with negativity.

My 2 cents. I could be full of shit though. Who knows?


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