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Trading Psychology -- Feedback

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Yep I'm interested in any type of trading psychology discussion. Please share! I have a question for you, MC29...In your opinion, are the most relevant 'trading psychology' issues that most traders experience actually related to misunderstanding the nature of trading the markets? For example...In your post you mention trade execution and edge. If a trader doesn't look at the markets through the lens of probability, they will be more prone to confusion and emotional actions while trading. I know in my own trading I've been able to reduce impulsive actions, reduce fear, and increase clarity through gains in knowledge about how these markets work. But I don't attribute this progress to a better understanding of psychology, but rather to learning about market dynamics. Is this along the lines of your thinking?

I think its a probably more of a trader not understanding himself. You can reduce emotions and fears, but can never completely remove them. so instead use them as tools.

i just got done writing a 75 page book on psychology, and it has a lot to do with understanding your self and markets. see my website under my user name.

Hope it helps

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