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Trading futures with Tradovate "no commissions" broker?

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To those users of this site who have traded with Tradovate ...

What was your experience with the platform per se?

It was accurate and effective? Or someone found some failures on the platform?

I have been using Tradovate now for about a month and plan to continue with them. I haven't run into any real problems or issues. Everything is on the cloud so it uses their resources to run so you dont need a high powered computer to use it just a decent internet connection. I am not trading enough contracts to warrant the monthly fee for free commissions yet, and even without those plans, $.79 is still cheaper than Ninjatrader which I think is like $.83 or something.
Anyway, you have to pay like $7 per month for exchange data+DOM data and it is a couple dollars per month for each exchange data stream you add.
The simulated paper-trading works really well. It seems like it remembers the place you enter into a position at and fills in order of the actual flow. So if you put a limit order in your order will get filled after it runs through the contracts ahead of you.
I think you have to pay like $35 extra to get market replay.

The charts could have more indicators but I use tradingview for most of my charting. The Tradovate charts are better looking and easier to navigate than RTraderPro if you have used that. Tradovate has a way to build custom indicators too and share them to the community for download. I was able to download the Awesome Oscillator somone had built and it pops right into the list of other indicators and ready to use.
The default sign-up option is with Dorman. If you contact support before you sign up and ask, they can also give you a link to to sign up with Phillip Capital instead which has ACH banking, which Dorman is doesn't. I signed up with Dorman and they email you a summary everyday of your account if you traded that day.
The Tradovate customer service was good. They responded to every email I asked a question on within a half hour during the normal business day.
And they don't spam my email with promotions and marketing which is nice.

Edit: Also forgot to mention that in simulated trading, it simulates the commissions and fees costs so you can get real profit lost estimates that factor in the trading fees. That is really nice imo.

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