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Trader at a BBQ

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I had a rather interesting interaction the other night. We went to the local quiz night and there was this older couple on our team who I had never seen before. So we were getting to know each other and the dude asks me what I do. I cant remember exactly but it went something like this:

Dude: So what do you do?
Me: House bitch. Wash dishes, clean the house, do the laundry, make dinner.

Dude: (Laughs). But seriously what do you for money.
Me: Live off my wife's income.
Thinking: Hopefully thats awkward enough that you will piss off with this line of questioning.

Dude: Ok so what do you do to keep yourself busy?
Me: Online gambling.
Thinking: This fucker is being persistent what the hell?

Dude: Oh what like online poker?
Me: Similar. Trading.
Thinking: Can you see how unenthusiastic I am being? Now please get the message and piss off.

Dude: Like selling butterflies spreads?
Me: err, no. I don't know the first thing about options. How do you know about butterfly spreads?
Thinking: WTF??? How does this dude know this?

Dude: Traded for like 20 years. Started on the floor and ended up selling options. Retired now.
Me: Sweet! Someone I can finally talk to! Were you the decision maker or an analyst? because if you were an analyst we can't be friends.

Dude: I pulled the trigger.
Me: (Awestruck)

At which point we proceeded to ignore the rest of the table and talked trading n shit. Turns out he traded very big money but I cannot remember if it was for a hedge fund or a bank. I also later found out that he already knew I was a trader because the friends who assembled the quiz team had already told him

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