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Trading Psychology -- Feedback

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I would be interested. I am struggling with the crossover from sim- to live-trading, my first attempt was awful, my second attempt, much better but I'm still a little shook from the first time I went live and I am constantly fearing some unknown element is going to ruin me. I'm tracking expectancy and trying to keep stats on as much as possible, so I think I am on the right track but it is rough.

I think the thing I need is simply more experience trading live, but the sad paradox is that when I am live the products are too big and you can lose a lot quickly. This fear causes compounding errors in execution that I find difficult to pull apart and examine individually. The micros might help, otherwise I will have to sim trade and use live trading judiciously here and there.

In summary, to do the thing to get better, you have to go through a lot of pain, and I'm not sure the books and videos can solve that, but I am open-minded

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