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Sierra Chart + CQG (AMP)

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so i did a ping and it seems cqg automatically directs me to the singapore server (i live in china).

my question then is, is there any benefit to this?

let's say i place an order through the SC platform for one HSI contract, what's actually going on beneath the scene?

i assume it goes something like
1. china -> singapore cqg data center (check margin)
2. singapore cqg data center -> chicago (whatever clearing firm AMP uses, they use several diff clearing firms incl GH financials)
3. chicago -> hkex exchange (order placed)
4. hkex -> chicago (clearing firm)
5. chicago (clearing firm) -> singapore cqg data center (confirmation of order submission)
6. singapore cqg data center -> china (order confirmation pop-up)

if this is true, there's really no benefit is there?

hopefully someone knowledgeable can finally shed some light on what's actually happening when placing an order. where do you even begin to learn stuff like this lol

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