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Thanks for the reply but the question isn't about where 'risk' goes but rather how AMP/CQG connects the end user to the exchange. I avoid the term routing (even though its correct) because the broking community uses it for a different purpose.

Does a non-US user get connected to a US CQG server or does she get connected to the one that will give the fastest connection to the traded exchange? I assume that an Australian customer, primarily trading Asia, will be connected (internet term routed) to either Sydney or the HK server directly. Accounting issues (who is the customer's broker etc) should be an overlay on the more important real time question of how are data & orders transmitted between user & exchange.

AUS <--> HK is 150 ms

AUS <--> US <--> HK is probably 350-400 ms

Whereas IB provides a direct connection to the HK collocated server.

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