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How does one deal with FOE (Fear of Entry)?

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Has anyone else dealt with the fear of entering trades and experience the following ruminations? If so, how did you remove that fear?

I am trying to get to the next level of success and the obstacle in my way is the fear to enter trades. I will rely on personal patience and rules to get me through this obstacle. Why do I not enter trades? Fear of loss of things that are ego and money. I must let these things go to move through the obstacle. I will decide to enter trades. I will decide that the outcome does not reflect on me. I will decide to trust rules. I can control how I function. I can control my decisions and follow through on those decisions. Today I will watch market with rules in my head. I will wait for rules to highlight a set up. I will enter set ups. I will not evaluate myself or account. Trading is not about me.

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