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financial transaction tax

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A move to the left seems almost inevitable, whether you are for it or not. The wealth disparity in this country has become unbalanced. As Hedge Fund King Ray Dalio currently says, capitalism is not working for a large segment of the population. If you look back in American History, the last 'Gilded Age' was followed by the 'Progressive Era'. I"m not making any personal points here, I just think there is a decent chance that for better or worse, the same cycle will repeat. It certainly didn't help that ten years of a bull market that only benefitted the wealthy was followed by the Tax Cuts that turned into nothing more then corporate welfare at the worst time. The pendulum is going to swing back.

So the question is how far left will we go? We will have to see.

Meanwhile, I've been waiting to see if the Dems start to renew calls for a financial transaction tax. I figured it was only a matter of time:

This is what happens when you have a rigged market that is not allowed to go down but only the wealthy get to play.

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