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Some highly recommended books

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You can get the ebook for $5 here

It is worth 5 bucks for sure. I guess what I said was a bit too negative as it just falls short of my high expectations. I was expecting this to be the greatest book ever based on the table of contents. I thought it was basically going to be a masterpiece of machine learning for trading with all using quandl data.

It is not that but it is not useless either.

I had just in the past 6 months too got Deep Learning with Python by Francois Chollet the creator of Keras. That is a masterpiece of technical writing, that might be the best technical book I have ever read. I guess that it should not be surprising that the brain to make keras would be amazing at making complex ideas simple. So this trading book is getting compared to Chollet in my mind and that is probably not fair.

In this Packt book this Bayesian Sharpe ratio code in pymc3 might be worth the whole $5. So I should say it probably fails as a complete text but there are nice little nuggets.

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Got an email from Amazon @ the release of this book
just checked it and no reviews on Amazon
not sure they would post devastating negative release
but based on what you say, the book is very poor... pitty

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