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is 40-50 ticks per day doable

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I agree with some of the points, specially with the questions part.. but take it a step further.. ask to speak with the traders on the floor.. speak candidly with them and take them out for drinks to find out more details outside of the floor trading setting where they might not want to be interrupted..

as to some of the comments about learning everything on (formerly BMT)... there is a place for prop trading firms.. assuming the firm has a method that provides you with an edge, and you can in fact be successful trading that method, then why stumble left and right and pay the tuition to the markets? prop firms will have risk managers, that will aid you on the trading ....

some people have more success with face to face training... others learn by doing swinging it ... others by reading and giving it a try... plenty of flavors to suit your taste..

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Before you pay any money for training, ask the firm how much money they make from trading profits, and how much they make from charging for training. How many trainees have they taken on and of those how many have gone on to achieve that target (or indeed, profitability in general)?

Its important you know this figure, because there are lots of "prop firms" pretending to be trading firms when in fact they are just training firms.

There is a clear conflict of interest where YOU pay for training, and then THEY determine whether you are kept on, or indeed, whether you ever get to go live and trade with real money at all. Remember, it is in their financial interest to get you out the door quickly once your training is done since they keep all your training fee instead of having to let you risk some of it in the markets. Whats better for them, a certain profit from a terminated training contract, or an uncertain profit from a newbie trader. And beleive me, although you will learn a fair bit (subject to the quality of their training) in three months, you will STILL be a newbie trader.

Visit this page for a good discussion of paying for prop trading training.

Then go here and train yourself for free: Free Prop Trader Training

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