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What Training courses you have please give me your review

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That PopDoc video is on my to-do list.

Since you have had success with using some of these psychological techniques, could you suggest some more resources?

My preferred style of learning is an interactive/class room type of environment. During my student days, I used to be an active participant during classes; I hardly if ever opened books outside class. It is actually hard for me to read a book (non-fiction) end-to-end. That is why I am loving Dr. Brett's Trading Coach book since it is split into independent section which you can read at ease.

Trading coach is a nice book indeed, he is a pro, also he as well as Menaker will answer your email and go into lengths to help you understand. I picked up a few tricks from Dr. Brett and using them constantly as well as visualization.
My background is from physics, so you can imagine how far away I was from all that new age...
So I had to do some classification, and created a few categories:
Universal methods(e.g. visualization) v. groups of many narrow specialized tricks(Dr.Brett, Van Tharp);
Pro's in psychology v. pro's in trading;
and so on. In the process I have discovered that the most important distinction lies between to opposing ways of delivering relief, and it doesn't really matter if the method belongs to a new age discipline such as NLP or traditional psychology:
one method is delivered in a way similar to AA steps program. Such approach is usually forceful, dramatic, painful. It could be effective but takes a lot of time, puts you under constant pressure so that if you do not relapse -- you'll likely damage some other aspect of your mind while trying fix existing problem.
I prefer easy and effortless release technique as I mentioned already. They work faster, painless and in my experience way more effective. They are also universal and can be applied to any aspect of your live.
There are 2 practitioners that continue the work of their teacher Lester Levenson. One is Hale Dwoskin and another Larry Crane. Both have cd's and dvd's, just look up Sedona method. Try it and you'll know what you've been missing. It sounds simplistic and naive when you first learn the concept but it works and is very rational when you think about it.

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