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Which Data Feeds / platforms support MBO Data?

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I'd be very interested in getting such direct MDP3 feed.

I think there's some confusing language here.

There's the feed handler (provided by software vendor), hosting and transport (provided by colocation vendor), and the handoff for the raw feed, license fees and Globex connectivity fees (managed by the exchange).

(1) There's only 1 raw feed (MDP3), and only 1 way to get it - that's from being on CME's LAN.

(2) You can do it indirectly through a colocation vendor, by paying a vendor like Guavatech/Interactive Data to fan it out to you in their cabinet, or transport it for you out of DC3 with a 10G line but it's all networking, no software. And you still need to pay an indirect access fee to the exchange. Up to this point, there's no software involved. The raw feed (MDP3) just needs to be transported over UDP multicast, it's all networking.

(3) Once you get the raw feed, you need to parse it. A software vendor like QuantHouse/Activ/Bloomberg writes software that parses it. You can choose to receive (a) a parsed feed with their own API or protocol, or (b) take their parsing library and build it into your own software. Or (c) you can write your own.

It sounds to me that you all are formulating different ways to not pay for the exchange fees in (1) or the hosting/transport layer in (2) while receiving MDP3 losslessly. There's no magical software solution that eliminates the need for the hosting/transport layer, the closest you get to that is in approach (3)(a) where the software vendor and its own vendors have already paid for (1) and (2) upstream, but no matter what those fees are going to flow down to you in some form or another or you'll have to trade those fees off with a more watered down feed which requires less bandwidth or a cheaper tier of subscriber license (e.g. delayed).

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