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What Training courses you have please give me your review

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An oldie but goodie The Disciplined Trader by Mark Douglas

Packed with insights, an amazing book.

Not an easy read but well worth the effort.

A few years ago I have experienced a trauma when lost a small fortune in one trade. After that I have noticed that my body responds in a very funny way to the risk of any open position. I could not continue trading while shaking so I was forced to look for an answer. Being perfectionist I studied quite a lot of different methods and techniques, and Mark Douglas's books were the very first stop.
It didn't work for me, so I moved on. I did concur my problem after all, mostly thanks to "Release technique", but now trading psychology became a hobby of mine so I always looking for new books and webinars etc. on the subject.
The latest webinar that impressed me was on MarketDelta last week by Andrew Menaker. He has a blog on his site PopDoc Trader and it is worth reading thru as well.
I am glad that pro's are attracted into the trading subfield and expect that it will keep improving.
On the other side of it there are smart traders that share their own stories that could be helpful: I listened to Linda Raschke's Christmas gift and realized for the first time that I am not crazy, that many if not all traders went thru similar experiences.

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