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Futures FX and Donchain Channel

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Thank you Thomas$$$$

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My main reason for posting is to defend the trading class that I am a member of. Naysayers like "nqcruiser and daza" are- no more no less -than just naysayers" They simply are copping an attitude about something and someone they know absolutely nothing about.

I feel by attacking the class that I am a member of is the same thing as attacking me.

Maybe you should eat something nqcruiser, but instead of eating your words I would suggest a serving of humility might serve you better. Along with that a side dish of education and some intellect for dessert may help to rid you of your negativity and perhaps give you a boost in the right direction. "Same applies to you daza".

Don`t let the fact that these two or three people who are so called "elite" members of this forum make you think they are gurus` of any stature. I would venture to guess that their "elite"nest goes no futher than this forum.

As for Simon I have allready posted what I think about him and the program that he is conducting. "He is honest with a positive attitude and is very qualified to guide you along a successful path of trading the futures.

As for myself, I have no financial interest of any kind in Simon`s program and I am nothing more that a happy member of his class.

PS: I use to sign my name as Thom,,,, since I started making money in Simon`s room I sign it as Thoma$

I hope soon you would get more then one $ to your name!!! Please when able would you tell me if he is trading 6E, or 6B in his room. And if he is offering London time frame trading? What are you trading?

BTW just posted THANK YOU for your post. To be honest sometimes I do not like to post in the forum, because of some negative BS that post might generate. Oh well life in the BIG CITY!!!


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