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Futures FX and Donchain Channel

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I agree with nqcruiser in that simon trade management is a sham, and this has been confirmed by a friend of mine who is a member and who can never seem to get past trading 1 contract as the losing trades wipe out the very small winners, and he also tells me that simon has a few members in his room that have done some videos for him and in those videos they do not even trade simon s method so what does that tell you!!!!

I must say he does seem an honest guy and does show his trades but are they real or is it a sim account?.

Also he seems to be doing a lot of advertising and webinars, is this because he needs the money? plus where does he find the time to do webinars and teaching and load videos and run a site and then trade as well.. come on please.

Like nqcruiser says what Simon is looking at is not rely capping its just a 0 at the bid or the ask, this does not mean we have capping, to understand order flow you need more than this simple concept and need to understand the volume implications as well, he claims in one of the videos that DB from OFA is doing the same as him but believe me he is not, DB has a much better understanding of volume and order flow and does not use a 20 period line to show support or resistance,, come on its a line from 20 bars ago what real significant does that have??
I would say spend your money on really learning what the market is doing such as DB from OFA or Kam from L2ST, way better education and they work.

Just my opinion


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I want to eat my words and confirm to all and sundry that futuresfx is a highly rated site full of hype. in practice, simon moves stops and he has the stupid money management idea of when he looses, to double or triple next trade to get it back,. i stop going to his website and webinars, he uses a simple donchian channel of twenty and entices traders with a free marketdelta that works better than all the delta indicators, as it runs on oec. u can get the same indicator from them without simon's system tough u need to open an account. main thing is, he waits when orders dry up which he calls by seeing a 0 at one side at critcal levels. u can do the same thing with volume ladder just watching when one side dries up at critical s&r levels. there is no need absolutly to purchase his system. he calls the drying up of one side capping. well the info on it is secrett but watch when 0 comes up at either bid or ask at s&r levels and u got yourself same thing is simon.

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