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Thanks, guys.

In the event of Ninjatrader freezing or a software crash - is there some backup interface/application/website where you can manage your orders or simply go flat?

When trading with Ninja through Interactive Brokers, I could always manage my orders at IB's TWS if anything happened (actually never did). I also had their mobile app as a third back-up.

I'm not sure if I would be comfortable with Ninjatrader being my only way to manage my live orders in case anything should happen during market hours.

There is a fix for this that works for me.

I run NT8 with a mountain of charts with a host of indicators and strategies some of which are quite heavy.
My computer is a top of line gaming system set up for multi-thread apps like NT8, however, at times especially during rapid price movement NT can't keep up and thus it occasionally crashes. Reloading is often a time consuming process and needless to say this is quite a disconcerting experience.

1. Run NT7 on a separate computer (I use a high-end laptop that sits beside me).
2. Do not connect to your broker feed on NT7 unless and until NT8 goes down (however, i have had both NT7 & 8 running concurrently on separate systems on a live account and watched the orders placed on NT8 appear on the NT7 set up)
3. If and when NT8 crashes, connect your data feed / broker on NT7 (have Global Simulation mode deactivated to save time when connecting).
4. Open Chart Trader/SuperDom for the appropriate account and you should see your order there.

Test this in simulation first.
It has proven the fastest way for me to manage active orders/positions instead of waiting for NT8 to get going again.

It will be interesting to see what NT have to say on this.

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