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What Training courses you have please give me your review

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I have not been following all the talk about Kam on here,
But I did just go to the L2ST - Trading Futures Online- Learn to trade futures online website.
For my two cents worth of opinion, this is way too expensive and a huge risk.
10 thousand pounds is an unnecessary outlay to one person.
There are other more reasonable offers out there.

I will really appreciate if you could provide information about more reasonable mentor-ship programs out there.

I agree with you that the initial 10K GBP outlay is probably more than what most people can and want to afford. Though it is supposed to cover one year and includes all their other stuff (trading room, videos etc.), it is still a major upfront commitment.

Perhaps if you join a great prop-shop you will get access to the same kind of training and support. But I do not know much about how they are structured. There is very little information out there about prop-shops and how they structure their training and development of traders. There are of course a lot of warnings of prop-shop scam artists who also charge thousands while providing little.

FWIW, the L2ST program is quite comprehensive in structure in terms of addressing the technical, business, and psychological aspect of trading.


I have personally benefited from the 2-3 weeks I have spent in the room. Perhaps because I can relate to the issues he has raised in the room. At 200 GBP (actually 240 because of the VAT), it is not cheap. However like cunparis, I also believe that a few months in their room are definitely going to be worth the money.

Cross-Marketing your product with different vendors is not something unique. Kam refers to pit-noise and he likes to have it on because he feels it gives it some sense of how active/slow the market and the level of interest is. From whatever I know the pit these days are not representative of a lot since most of the trading has moved to screens and the pits represent very little. However, there are times when the pit has additional information which may not be evident to folks off the exchange.

All the marketing fluff aside, I unfortunately, have not seen evidence to suggest that the guy is a charlatan as you believe. I have seen go through all the stages of a trade very methodically (pre-trade plan, trade execution, and post-trade management) while addressing both the technical and psychological aspects of trading. Perhaps I have seen them in action during the time they are on a hot streak, but that is my perspective so far.

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