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How many indicators are on your charts?

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Indicators are not going to make anyone a successful trader, nor is not having indicators, nor is anything else besides what is in the trader's head: how he/she puts what's on the chart to use.

Long-time members of FIO have seen many, many ways of trading being carried off successfully, and many more being unsuccessful. This includes any imaginable (and some unimaginable ) combinations of indicators and techniques, as well as trading on a bare chart with just price and volume, or even just price by itself. Some have worked well, many have not, and the deciding factor is really never what is or is not on the chart.

When you have a way of grasping the market that clicks for you, then you can start to make headway. Other people may have the exact opposite, and what they have may work for them.

This upsets people who think they need to find something "out there" that will make them trade well. I also upsets people who have found something that works for them, and think it's the only thing that can work, for everyone.

This is really a very individual game, and the burden is on the trader, not the methodology.



As with trading, if those with political and religious predilections would consistently embrace THIS, I believe the world would be a much better place.

Works for you individually? Great.

Or, in the poetry of John Lennon, "Whatever gets you through the night is all right. It's all right."

To which I'll add, John, "Yeah, just leave me out of it if it's going to hurt me or the people I love." (Correctamundo! I am NOT a poet.)

Ironic, isn't it, that those predisposed toward a live-and-let-live POV are also among the ones least likely to seek the power necessary to implement it, at least until the pendulum swings way out of band with concomitant disasters. Like Clemenza, then folks like me will resign ourselves to the tasks of having "to get rid of the bad blood."

That said, I also appreciate the other posters who have given insights about things to try, and thus judge personally, particularly the ones coming from members still here after many years (with their implied success). Thank you so much.

Most interesting to me was the meme that learning is a spiral, hopefully UP when Reason--facts and logic--are used as the rubric for ruthlessly discarding flotsam, whether intellectual or emotional. I've seen this in my career when I've come full circle to what seemed obvious to me as a newcomer decades ago, but then got distracted when everyone else convinced me that I was, after all, only a newcomer. Of course, it's not applicable in all cases, but it's often true.

So yeah, Mr. Corleone, you were right: It is personal. Master that aspect of yourself, and the business-side will follow effortlessly like night into day. One doesn't master trading first. One masters oneself. First.

DISCLAIMER (which seem to be all the rage on trading websites and YouTube videos): As this is my first post on, I assure you it is wholly non-partisan.

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