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How to delete old cs indicator files with warning

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Montevallo AL
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How to delete old cs indicator files with warning

Deleting old cs files.
I received this email yesterday after a lengthy discussion about an issue with ninjatrader 7 having small temporary jerks. This analysis came from examining log files and trace files for ninja. Obviously I am not a programmer. I did review an answer from a 2012 post by Big Mike. I am wondering if it still applies and if so, could you be more specific about the procedure for compiling and deleting.Both of these indicators are several years old. I never knew they were giving any problems.This showed up only after discovering that my cashe and my email storage were severely overloaded. I expect that I have more than a few indicators that are like this. Keep up the good work. It has been invaluable to me at several steps along the way.

Hi Joe,

Please remove the a1RolloverVolume and DoubleMAPaint indicators. I believe that these indicators may be causing an issue with NT7. Here's why:

8/7/2018 11:03:36 PM|3|4|The indicator 'a1RolloverVolume' has called the Add() method with an invalid instrument. Either 'NQ 12-18' does not exist in the Instrument Manager or the specified exchange has not been configured.

8/7/2018 11:03:36 PM|3|4|Failed to call method 'Initialize' for indicator 'DoubleMAPaint': 'TickSize' property can't be accessed from within 'Initialize' method

There are hundreds of these lines in your log files. This tells me that these indicators are having problems. I noticed several times when there was a gap in the time between log entries that the last entry would be the DoubleMAPaint indicator having an error, then the following entries would be the startup sequence. This tells me that this indicator may be causing NT to cease functioning or otherwise go off the rails, so to speak. At which point you reboot, or what have you, until you can get NT running again.

A fresh install of NT7 with no other indicators except for ours, I would expect to run without issue.

But I will be keeping my most relevant indicators from IO thank you very much.

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