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Risking 2 for 1.. probability & the bottom line.

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You are going to blow up your account unless you are in the 1% . you need 80% WR just to break even after costs . When that inevitable fat tail slippage comes you will realise that , Suggest you look at probability curves/matrix and explore expectancy thoroughly . Clearly you know better , obviously you came here looking for confirmation bias , you just dont realise it . You got reality and that clearly doesnt suit your narrative so you dismiss the advice/opinion given as NO IDEA .... good luck for you are going to need it .

PS Decent chance the only winner here will be your broker and he will hope you survive for as long as possible

Here's some probability then, the more people who jump on the bandwagon and say I can't do this, the better it's going to feel when I return in a few months with some brokerage statements. xD

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