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My family says trading isn't work.

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Hey @MiniP

Yeah man. Here is the thing. There are at least two big issues working in the thread. I chose to connect them consistent with my own experience because they both speak to my view of "what it takes" to trade in a consistent and meaningful way.

Whining over what other people think, even your parents or grandparents, is NOT a hallmark of success. Airing out personal grievances with loved ones in a public forum also is a harbinger of certain disaster in a ultra competitive and possibly high stakes arena.

I was hoping to get a few things across with my posts here. But, with respect to the TS, I have failed. He "is done" with the thread he started, just today, because he is not satisfied with the input that came his way. Rather than accept some introspection and evaluate for remedy...he quit.

So how is that mental state going to jibe around the buoy when a one lot is a single handle against the deposit. It was the market. It was the broker. It is my internet provider. The dog was barking etc.

All this talk of family against it is simply preface justification for failure in a way that offsets the responsibility. Do the work, make the trades. If counting takes longer at the end of each month, nobody alive will object to the endeavor, period...not ever, as long as integrity and social order are maintained.

I wish that guy...and everyone all the best in their trading and their lives.

I think I'm honestly agreeing with everything that has been said to me.
I do realize that some of my latest posts (maybe every post I put in this thread) has been emotionally charged ranting.
I'm not going to blame anyone for my success or lack of success in trading... including my family.
I guess I wanted to get a certain point across but... maybe I got caught up in my own ranting.

I do appreciate everyone's responses on here.
It doesn't matter who says what... the bottom line at the end of the day is the trader.
And no, I won't blame my grandfather for anything.

Especially when I blew $2,000 in a week trading crude last month.

So I guess I don't know the exact point of my thread was.
Of all the problems in the world... mine are pretty small and I realize I just used this thread to whine.

But that's not the kind of person I wanna be anyways so I guess I apologize for the ranting/complaining.

I haven't really ever used this site to talk with fellow traders.

But I appreciate your 2 cents because I'm sure I've been wrong about more than one thing in this thread.

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