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Risking 2 for 1.. probability & the bottom line.

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Whatever..I'm out

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Can I just say that scalping is learning to trade and also that it is seriously considered trading?

Scalping is the most professional and economic way to trade, traders such as yourselves buy the product, it goes up in value over a while and falling some places but overall trending up as predicted, you sell. excellent, however..

During that time the scalper bought - sold - bought - sold - bought, and then along with yourself finally sold all along till the top, so the scalper racked up a fair bit more on the P&L than the typical technical trader as he is watching live supply and demand on a ladder in the moment, not a technical support pattern that takes at least half a day to generate and make a singular directional decision on.

Not only did he do this, but half of those times he didn't even have to give up the bid-ask spread, covering his commissions and increasing his already superior bottom line.

If the market hit a technical support level a chartist would buy, but the scalper can see market orders about to break the bid down to the lower level so he sells (BEFORE the breakout) and probably gets filled by the chartists' buy market order. Quite ironic seeing as though it's for fools. Also thanks for filling the scalper at limit and covering his commission. now this is getting humorous.

1 tick to you guys is a quick buck so I understand, here's why..

1 tick to you is not the same as one tick to me, for me it is not a quick buck, it's big money. you see, I use leverage to get my money, not predicting into the vast future and time/distance, as yourselves practice.

It's much easier to predict the next 2 minutes over the next 2 days, so why not do it now and use leverage, let the money work for you and keep the speculative part to a bare minimum.

Thanks for the advice though, there is parts of it that I can/will utilise, hopefully ruffled some feathers in this coop lol.


Have fun in your fantasy world. You're obviously not here for discourse. Let us know how your Ninjatrader scalping bot does against the most well funded HFT firms in the world.

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