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My family says trading isn't work.

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I almost feel like my grandfather WANTS ME TO FAIL JUST SO HE CAN SAY "ha! I was right"

Well how about "no? fuck you you're wrong and let me do my thing?"

Something along the lines of that.

I know it seems rude and immature but I haven't been able to convince him otherwise.

The best I can do I think is shut his voice out of my head and let my money do the talking.

Maybe deep down he wants the best for me but it sure as hell doesn't seem that way.

Trading or no trading.

Oh and the fact that I suffer from depression and anxiety on a regular basis doesn't help any of this either.

You cannot use trading as an endeavor to prove your worth. You may eventually, but proving yourself right or PnL should not be your focus. Instead focus on the process and trading plan. Focus on starting a journal, post your end of day analysis and plan for next day. Focus on developing an edge in the market. Look deeply inside and see the real reason you want to trade. Decide for yourself if you have to get a side job to raise capital. Market will be there, when you are ready. Pickup some form of personal development technique, practice mindfulness , bit of meditation, learn to allow thoughts and feeling pass without causing anxiety and depression.

Trading is the best practical form of personal development technique out there, it exposes all your flaws, unless one is willing to work on it, it will be hard to succeed.

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