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My family says trading isn't work.

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Out of the billions of people on planet earth that don't give a f*** about your existence, there exist a handful that love you and care for your future. You have just failed your family in a most shameful way.

If you think you can trade then do it without the hissy fit. The market will give you everything you deserve, I promise. But NEVER talk bad about your family like you did with your little rant in the first post. It's a sign of extreme immaturity and a reflection of your own petty insecurities regarding trading.

Go spend some time with them. Hug them, have a laugh, thank them for supporting you, be grateful because they wont be around forever.

Not to make assumptions but not everyone's family is that great. Some people have extremely abusive parents/relatives that will never understand where he/she is coming from. Is this the case here? I don't know, but I have encountered people who have to deal with this situation when there dream is to do something else besides what there parents have have been expecting for the past 20 years. This doesn't make anyone a bad person we should all do what we want, and if this is the case I would suggest to keep the trading to your self and try and spend time with your family in a positive way.

BUT.. this isn't your parents dream its YOUR's and you shouldn't expect people to support you. When I stopped trying to force the people closest to me to have my same opinion and dreams things got a lot easier, its not that I think they don't care for me they just see the world differently and I keep some of the information to my self. Its really that simple... and if things get really bad then add some distance.


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