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Risking 2 for 1.. probability & the bottom line.

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Don't forget to factor in commissions.

Using ES as an example:

1 tick profit = 12.50 USD - 3.66 in commissions(that's what I pay you may be different) = 8.84 profit net
2 tick loss = 25.00 USD - 3.66 in commissions = 28.66 in losses.

To make up for that you would need 4 consecutive winning trades. That goes for every loss you take.

Not a good way to trade long term in my opinion. Lose two or more in a row and making up that ground gets tougher and tougher. Both in a practical way and in a psychological.

Yeah for sure, glad I chose to stick with the ZB ($31.25) I was naive to liken the ES, far too volatile for my developing style. I just sit back in treasuries with my sniper, a big round on my clip.

I think I will do this, sim trade a 2 lot with 2 targets, +1 and +2. That way I can still keep log of my current strategy and test out this new target "mod".

Gotta laugh at my ways, to create and answer my own thread. Enough blah blah for now.

Edit: In saying that, keep the viewpoints coming in guys..

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