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Do you believe trading is a creative profession?

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charlotte nc
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Anyone out there fighting the good fight and trying to solve the various mysteries of the market will have to be a creative problem solver. But there is a very specific analytical skill set and scientific approach that needs to be used to do this. Being generically creative is great, but in and of itself this can lead disaster for a trader if you apply your creativity to pseudoscience and start making up relationships and rules that aren't fully vetted or quantified.

I have a tagline on here that speaks to this, but pulling numbers out of thin air after looking at a few charts, and declaring 50% of the time this will happen, or 90% of the time that will happen with a sample size of practically nothing is the wrong path.

The analytical approach alone won't show you the exact bet you need to make, but it will help you quantify all the variables you need to solve for. Once you have this foundation, you can then be creative and solve the problem. But most people unfortunately work this backwards... They start out solving for something with bad data, virtually no understanding of the problem, a weak understanding of the market and microstructures, and they fail.

Interesting discussion for sure!

And now for that pretentious sounding tagline.


In the analytical world there is no such thing as art, there is only the science you know and the science you don't know. Characterizing the science you don't know as "art" is a fools game.
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