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DOM & Math

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OK - so somethings can appear to be mathematical when they are not.

For example, the mathematics behind hitting a tennis ball back across a net to land in a specific spot - they are quite complex. So you could think 'wow - our brains are doing all that math' - but it's not like that really. Just because something can be expressed with math, does not make it a mathematical endeavor.

What I would say with this sort of stuff is if you are looking for a "1 rule trading system" e.g., when this > that and the other = something else. You won't get anywhere.

As you've gotten nowhere with indicators, you have to consider whether you might be taking the same failed approach to the DOM - trying to turn it into a mechanical system with math. The market is a living, breathing mass of people that get excited and then caught offside. I think you should have a think about maybe embracing discretionary trading rather than moving from mechanizing charts to mechanizing the DOM.

But - good luck!

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