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Same here man.. the commissions are crazy with TDA when scalping ES :|.... How are u laiking the NTB and PC combo? Do u feel your fills are quicker then with TDA?... i'm more concerned about the fills. Let me know, thanks!

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Hey guys.

I've been trading with TDA for few years now. I started day trading futures recently and pay $300-500 for commissions on busy days, which is about 30% of my daily gains.

I'm considering NTB with Phillip Capital. PC looks much bigger firm than Dorman and does business internationally. Their website sucks tho. Can't believe in 2017 we get to see a website with a design from 1990s.

I read in earlier posts that Phillip Capital allows ACH transfers however when I emailed to NTB account services I was told that none of the brokerages support ACH since it's not secure (or smth like that)

Has anyone has experience with sending ACH transfer to Phillip Capital. On their website they say they have it, but on NTB withdrawal page we have an option for wires and checks. I wonder if we can directly send and withdraw via ACH from Phillip Capital not through NTB.

Anyone has any idea?
Also please share your experience with NTB and Phillip Capital or Dorman

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