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First experience on the ES - adrenaline rush!

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@Revan The ES is a good market but is also extremely efficient. Some discretionary traders do trade better under pressure and the "rush" as you say. However, this is a trap because you have to keep bumping up the risk to keep your performance and eventually something has to give. As such, it is better to establish your trading from a more neutral emotional perspective, though probably some "activation" is probably required to trigger market cognition. There's a misconception that tape reading requires lightning fast reflexes. Sometimes fast reflexes would be useful but most of that game has gone to automated strategies. Tape reading is not about being fast on the mouse.

What you want to do with your training, the goal so to speak is to compare your internal state in the live to the sim mode to validate that you aren't trading in an emotional way that would negatively impact performance. But, if you haven't developed enough proficiency in sim then you don't have anything to compare it too. It gets very difficult when you start to lose because as a trader you want to make the right decision but you can never be sure that you haven't started to trade differently. That's why I like to think in terms of control variants or invariants and variants.

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