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First experience on the ES - adrenaline rush!

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First experience on the ES - adrenaline rush!

So I've spent my first week ever on the sim and watching the ladders this week, I've been watching the US treasuries (from Australia) each night, they trade size but they don't have much volatility and I found myself getting very bored psychologically I felt like I was getting nowhere so I subscribed to the CME/Globex feed for the ES..

I opened it up early well before 8:30am (Eastern US), it was trading at a "medium" tempo, not too fast, not too slow, within the first 5 minutes of watching it I scalped my first tick in my first sim trade on it, my entry/exit strategy worked and with the market only in front of my face for 5 minutes a pleasant surprise.

Not long after this I made my second trade and the exact same thing happened, my fondness grew, I then left to do some other tasks and came back during the mid morning session (US) and damn this thing looks a lot harder to read now but I jump in like the cowboy I aspire to be (lol) I get in my third trade at first it was going well a tick in my favour but soon the market quickly shot down a couple of ticks below my entry, probably not enough to trigger where I would place a stop but perhaps it was however it then shot back up almost immediately to where it was so I quickly got out for the tick, this was just on the sim but really I should of scratched the trade before it shot down, sometimes it sweeps so a bit of automation helps.

The final trade I made soon after and this trade literally lasted 2 seconds, I clicked in 1 second passed and I seen it shoot up to my target then one more second to close the position! wow! after I looked at the P&L and seen I had made up a point with my 4x1 tick trades, I then accidentlly turned it onto live mode, the trade box lit up bright red which is the colour I set it to so I don't accidently trade live, the mouse was on the dom and I only have the touchpad so I brought up the start menu via the windows key and then moved my mouse away and clicked out of live mode.

In conclusion I am left feeling light headed, like I've been on a rollercoaster the whole ES experience has been great so far and I think I'm hooked, I will probably post up another inverse thread when I get burnt? stuff that though, let's think positively, sorry treasuries but I'd rather learn by being thrown into the deep end.

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