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where is the auto pilot button

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Hi Forrest. Thank you for the kind words and I am glad you remember me and the folks from the room fondly.

I rarely have time to read or write in forums but a room member brought your post to my attention and felt that it was inaccurate in many ways. I hope you don't mind if I straighten out some of your mistakes or out of date information. I encourage you to revisit our trade room or attend one of our training sessions or webinars in the near future so that you can write reviews based on current information. I do not believe you are doing justice to the good folks here that are looking for an informed opinion.

Forest, we have multiple indicators that were written in house and exist NOWHERE ELSE. True that we use support and resistance pivots and have created a new set of them to help make our trade setups easier to see and trade. But we use the same algorithms that the rest of the industry uses to produce the lines. Our Intentional Entries, SpeedTick, Ricochet, Pull Back Alert, and several others are unique and cannot be just "put together" to create anything remotely similar.

The strategy fills are NOT INTENDED, nor where they EVER INTENDED, to be a signal generator that you just blindly trade. The strategy (now known as the Intentional Entries because of this misunderstanding by you and a few others) is a collection of indicators that generate a buy/sell signal when they are all in confluence. This signal is then qualified using support and resistance to make sure that you are not trading right into a strong line. I take full responsibility for you not knowing or understanding this. Honestly, I do not know or understand how you could have been in the room for a couple of months and not heard that a few dozen times. It was my job to make sure that everyone knew how to trade the IE, and on this apparently I failed you.

It has been nearly a year since you were in the room so again your information is extremely out of date. You might go to our website and go to the videos tab. There I have full days of trading posted, raw and uncut just as if you were sitting in the room with us. I do not review or edit these videos as I do not have time. They are simply to let people get a feel for how we call trades out and see that I do call them out before hand, will talk through the trade as I can, and go over the trades afterwards. My online trade log is live and many of the room members have it up on their screens to compare my trades to their own. If I EVER shilled a trade and lied about entry or exit, they would crucify me on the spot. So there are dozens of people that will disagree with you on this.

Again this is a failure on my part. We have, and have ALWAYS had concrete rules. I think a visit to our videos (or webinars tab) or trade room will help clear you up on that. You might pay special attention to the video on risk level.

Yes, this IS a discretionary system. Yes, I do not push the button for you so obviously you will pick which signals to take based on your own level of risk and experience. If you were looking for a signal service I am not sure why you stayed for as long as you did. We teach people how to trade our system and provide indicators for them to use that they would otherwise have to purchase from us and install and use on their own computers. I guess that is what people pay for. BTW...most of the traders that were in the room when you were there a year ago are still there...and happily paying each month.

Well I definitely cannot have issue with the your opinion of the atmosphere and again, thank you for your gracious compliment. I think though, that the folks here at Big Mike's deserve an informed opinion based on current information. Yours is nearly a year old, which really does not help anyone. You have helped me however. I MUST do a better job of explaining some things that maybe you did not understand. There is a good chance there were others that did not understand that were not as forthcoming as you were and I hate that I may have failed them as well. I am forever trying to get better at my job and I will take this information and use it to improve my teaching skills.

I wish you nothing but great success in your trading.

why can you not highlight a 4 tick zone on the chart, where the key reference points are at. then when the price reaches that area and the order flow conditions are meet using your indicators will auto execute and manage the trade using the advanced trade management tools inside Ninja trader.

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