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Decisionbar ( trading system

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this software and vendor as been around for a while

i used it 10 years ago , its 5 stars compared to the rest of the B.S. being sold. it I.D. a trading range, kind of like the squeeze indicator. with this you can not scan multi-markets and time frames inside ninja trader. a trading range is a form of balance where the market stops re-balance the inventory and takes a breath be for moving on. there are only 3 things that can happen 1. it can stay in the balance of the range , 2. look above the range and fail. if so the target is the other side of the range. 3 look above the range and go or brake out. the software gives a signal on the bar this happens on. they ad on a fast R S I type indicator. if below the line and falling you can go short , above line and raising you can go long. ad a VOL-stop and that is about it. its simple but works very well. this software will shorten the learning curve for sure. the problem new trader have using it is the software does not factor in gaps, news. floor pivots , key reference points on longer time frame charts. like get a brake out signal at the R2 or S2 pivots. for example . or taking a brake out trade over lunch time or on a slow Friday afternoon. hope it helps

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