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VWAP filtering suggestions

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@DavidBodhi Your question as asked is frankly a bit odd because the first half of the question defines that you are interested in this condition and the second half argues the condition isn't very useful, after all.

The easiest way is to use a longer periodicity or send fewer alerts per day by only checking at the close of a bar. If you check only on the close of the bar then you will limit your number of alerts to the frequency of the bar.

A second and more advanced solution is to create a ranking algorithm or quality score to determine the relevance of this event. Next, you use a ranking or normalization function to rank the recent results of that algorithm and filter based on quality of signal to only send alerts for scores above certain thresholds. You would need to determine what is relevant in regards to this condition. If range markets are the problem you could create a metric that measures where price is trading in relation to recent range as a criteria.

A third option is to convert your discrete signals into continuous outputs. So, instead of having a signal that the price crosses over a VWAP instead you produce an output for every bar, similar to the MACD, and then you rank those outputs.

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I am putting together an indicator to send an alert when price reverts to the VWAP then, presumably, continues an existing trend.
I am finding it difficult to reduce the number of signals to a reasonable level and wondered if anyone can suggest a way to filter the conditions.

I am using a VWAP with a couple of envelopes and am looking for instances where (for a bull trend) the VWAP is rising, but a bar closes within the first envelope AND has a lower wick >= 50% of the bar's range. I also added that the low should be the lowest recent low. I still get too many signals.

I considered requiring price to be outside the envelopes a few bars ago, but that leaves out valid situations where price is staying within a narrow channel.

Any suggestions?

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