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Reliable broker for a rookie

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Looking for a reliable broker with affordable pricing. Currently paper-trade with NT8, but 1K price to get their cheapest prices is burdensome. Looking to trade 4-8 contracts on /ES minis with hopes to raise to 100. No withdrawals fees or problems is a must (checks deposits and withdrawals are preferred). Either convince me to stay with NT8 or recommend something better. Thank you much and successful trades to everyone!

- Of course, I will start with 1 contract.
- Also considering: TastyWroks, Tradovate, and Zumo. Open to other suggestions.
- As I read more about Tradovate, their maximum deposit amount by ACH is $5,000.00.

Hi @Calming

I use Cannon Trading Company. They have a thread on here:

Anyhow I just recently got back into trading but they've been my broker now for almost 8 or 9 years I believe (don't quote me) I'll have too check but they are awesome. To start up my account again I had to deposit a minimum of $2500.00 and I use a free platform they offer with them which is called their E-Futures platform but I believe the firm that clears trades is Gain Capital (that's who I receive my statements from every night). Anyhow they are very fair with their pricing and cheap platform with it being free. Definitely worth checking out! I work with Ilan.

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