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Anyone on Collective2?

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Anyone on Collective2?

One frustration I have with this forum is a universal lack of objective trading statistics. Obviously most members are reluctant to share details of their strategies for understandable reasons, but sharing trading stats and performance summaries doesn't pose any confidentiality/proprietary issues (unless the stats suck, of course!). I also realize that discretionary traders have a harder time compiling stats versus automated traders.

Nevertheless, I am always looking to compare performance via trade stats to see how I stack up versus others...I'm not interested in arguments like 'who cares what anyone else is doing as long as you are making money'. Since most of us can't make use of independent accountants to verify our trading records, I'm wondering whether anyone here has an account at C2 and one or more systems that are being tracked? If so, could you point us to the system (name or C2 id number) so that we can have a look at the results?

I'll show you mine if you show me yours...


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