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Webinar: Becoming a better trader in 2-weeks w/Peter Davies

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It looks like you didn't finish your thought.... What is real time different from? For example, are you saying that it is different from replay? If so, is that because you are differently engaged psychologically?

I hope you can clarify this. I think it might be important.

Thanks again for the webinar, it was excellent.


hehe - what a numpty I am.

Anyway - glad it's helped so far.

Real time is very different from looking at historical charts or even replay.

At this point, you know the value of that journal of behavior. You should be able to continue to maintain that as you enter the SIM trading stage.

It's important to remember that your SIM trading will suck at first but the stats will tell you WHY it sucks. Also that if you make changes to the trading approach, that will invalidate the stats. So avoid changes!

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