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dtn iqfeed discount

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IQFEED Answers to your above questions: Data providers don't "charge" exchange fees. We "collect' them for the exchange. Because there are extra costs involved in providing real-time futures the data provider is charging you for them. Some data providers include them in their fees somewhere, somehow, and some, like us, give you the option of adding them or not. Not everybody wants or needs real-time EUREX data. If you add real-time EUREX data there are 2 additional fees. There is a $30 International Data Fee (same justification, same principal as the "Domestic" RT Futures fee) that we charge + there is the exchange fee that we are also required to collect. The exchange fee will either be $23 or $81 depending on your pro/non-pro status.

What is the difference between IQ Feed and Rithmic?

Rithmic data only is $49.99/month plus $15 CME bundle non-pro, plus $15 market depth.

All real time.

Is IQ feed data so much better?

Iq feed: $82 base fee, $15 cme bundle, $20 realtime data domestic futures, $20 market depth

I trade on the price ladder, if your data is so much better, I would be gladly to pay the difference....I'm not trying to be a smart ass....I want to know

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