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dtn iqfeed discount

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Answers to questions about IQFeed

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I personally do not see what the 20 usd fee called "RT US Futures Entitlement" is for?

IQFEED Answer to question 1 - IQFeed is our base service. The IQFeed base service is needed in order to receive ANY data from us. If you ONLY subscribed to the $82/month base iQFeed service, and didn’t add anything to it like real-time data, then you’d be receiving delayed stocks and delayed futures data, historical stocks and historical futures (historical data in most cases includes 180 days of tick history, about 10 years of minute and 20 years of daily history). 4 real-time news feeds are included in the base IQFeed service (including Benzinga Pro). You’ll have access to our 800+ calculated market breadth indicators (including TICK and TRIN), our 24 hour free tech support (via toll free phone, email, online chat), and the ability to simultaneously feed 500 symbols into any one or several at once of the 80+ compatible software programs.

It obviously takes a lot more resources, infrastructure and exchange costs to provide real-time as opposed to delayed data. That is why we charge the $20/month extra fee when you bump up to real-time futures. In addition to our $20 fee the exchanges also impose monthly exchange fees for each exchange that you want in real-time.

What is level 2 (also 20usd)? Is that not real time?

IQFEED Answer to Question 2 - Level II is also know as Market Depth some call it the DOM (Depth of Market). It shows the quotes for the levels of bids and asks that are outside the current best bid and ask (known sometimes as Level I). Again this is an extra additional amount of data above the base service and that is why those that receive it are charged the extra $20/month fee. Level II data is ONLY available in real-time and only on exchanges that you have real-time data. In other words you must be getting real-time Level I data in order to add real-time level Ii data to any particular exchange.

What about the non-pro exchange fees? Are those not real time?

IQFEED Answer to Question3 - Yes, the non-pro exchange fees, also know as the Non-professional Active-Trader Globex (CBOT, CME, COMEX, NYMEX) Exchange Fee Waiver program, are exchange fees for real-time data that I referred to in the Answer to Question 1. The exchanges impose monthly exchange fees for their real-time data. With this Non-pro waiver those exchange fees are greatly reduced (from $111/month/exchange to $1/month/exchange).

NO other data provider want to squeeze the fee that I have never heard of out of customers....

IQFEED Answer to Question 4 - We are not trying to "squeeze" fees. Instead we are trying to make our pricing more closely fit the customer. By not bundling all the fees into a one-price-fits-all package ensures that only those wanting real-time futures or market depth are charged for it.

Its a real turn off.

IQFEED Answer to Question 5 - I apologize for our pricing structure being a turn off to you. But we felt that it would be an even bigger turn off for customers if we increased our price so that they had to pay for things they didn't want. We've found that most customers prefer to pick and choose what they do want.

Thank you for your time. If you have any further questions, please let me know.

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