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Commodity Options Trading For Canadian Recs

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Commodity Options Trading For Canadian Recs

Hello, I've been researching and googling for answers to this, and saw some similar, but haven't really found a good answer yet.

I'm a Canadian resident and after trading stock options for several years, I want to expand into commodity options, but I'm finding it a lot harder, and more expensive than stock options.

I'm looking to start with CME listed products, and expand over time, but mostly because that seems like the simplest/cheapest way.

I won't be very active ( 0 to 5ish trades a month), and with a small account (10k-20k) and could make due with the most bare bones of platforms. Options trading only, though I assume anyplace I could trade options, I could trade the underlying futures as well.

Most places I look charge platform fees, inactivity fees, data fees that add up quickly, and this is compounded by Canadians seeming having far less places to choose from, and not all platforms support options. The best places I've found still seem somewhat expensive.

I looked at IB for example, but I would get charged, 85$ a month, iirc, for not making enough trades. TD doesn't allow commodities trading in Canada.

So, can anyone point me to the best place to trade as cheap as possible with lowest monthly fees (I don't mind being on the higher end of per trade commissions) that lets a Canadian trade commodity options? Itís been a nasty surprise to find out how much more expensive it is to trade in commodity options than stocks, hopefully Iím missing something,

Thanks a lot

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