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Life Without Trading

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ZapBrannigan View Post
How? Curious, what is your method or routine?
Here is mine (ask yourself H.A.L.T. throughout the day):

1. H.A.L.T = Hungry? Angry? Lonely (emotional)? Tired?
2. Mentally rehearse = Be prepared for when your emotions strike. Anticipate, plan for it.
3. Positive imagery = Trading to win. Visualise it.
4. Induce relaxation = HRV. Biofeedback (heart monitor, pressure monitor). Breathing exercises.

I use this routine and yes I have a HRM and blood pressure monitor which I use once a day to keep track of my health over time. I got this from Andrew Menaker. Trader/Psychologist. Hes got some good stuff, check out his youtube vids.


This is really interesting. I've not thought about monitors before but they probably could add quite a lot to awareness. I totally agree awareness and understanding is probably preferential to outright emotional disconnection, which dare I say it is neither practical or desirable. A part of me thinks it's something that the retail trading psychology market has made cool for self promotion. I hate to be cynical but I find that argument hard to buy into now.

My reason for this is that if I look at my own profession, it's very hard to disconnect entirely from the emotional side of things and I also don't think I'd want to. I think if we were to ask a number of professional traders they would agree that they have to go to work with a variety of emotional stressors. I think they just find ways to be aware of them and manage them rather than "disconnect" so to speak.

Just my thoughts of course,


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