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What is your primary trading workstation?

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Suffield, CT
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Platform: MC, NT, Python, R
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Dedicated Lenovo Y510p laptop

Currently using a dedicated Lenovo Y510p with an i7-4700MQ @ 2.4GHz and 16 GB RAM. It has a slow-ish 5400 RPM HD that's backed with a 256GB SSD "cache" (i.e. hybrid). I predominantly use MultiCharts 64 (latest) with IQFeed/IB though have pretty much "tried everything" from this laptop over the past 10 years.

I usually have 8 charts "live" (CL, RB, CL+RB, 6E, YM, NQ, ES & Ripple) though typically only trade NQ, YM and CL (discretionary) and RB (automated). I keep the others active mostly just to have a full tick history available. Even during busy markets, the laptop keeps up fairly well though I have a 200Mb Internet connection so I'm sure that helps somewhat. I also generally connect to it from various other PCs via RDP so it's technically a "server" .

Attached is the chart layout I typically trade from - pretty "stock" list of indicators using range bars (exclusively) with the exception of a custom one I wrote at the bottom that identifies Europe market times vs. US and the current market "velocity" (pseudo-heat map) that shows how long a given range bar took to generate.

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